Through personal relationships with farmers, Tizzy Shots are
created in small batches using sustainably sourced ingredients.


Tizzy Shots flavor Classic Ginger
Tizzy Shots flavor Activated Charcoal
Tizzy Shots flavor Turmeric

Enjoying a Tizzy Shot is akin to knocking back a tequila slammer…that’s good for you! You’ll experience a spicy hit of ginger, accompanied by a healthful blend of soothing organic ingredients including lemon and honey.  




Tizzy Shots fit into any lifestyle or agenda. Read our
top tips for enjoying our all-natural wondershots below.
Add to tea or warm water
Knock it back like a natural espresso
Mix with rum for a healthy cocktail
Tizzy Shots flavor Classic Ginger


A pleasing blend of ginger, lemon and Manuka honey to help you beat a wide range of ailments, ranging from the common cold, to DOMS post-gym,  to morning sickness.

Tizzy Shots flavor Activated Charcoal


This inky shot looks mysterious, but it will actually soothe and cleanse your body. Imagine promptly escorting out all the MSG from your recent late night takeaway or binding up gases that cause terrible bloating.

Tizzy Shots flavor Turmeric


With added coconut milk and black pepper, your body can more easily absorb the super
food of the moment, turmeric, all-the-while benefiting from the ever present ginger.

Tizzy Shots founder Mia Williams scientist, wife and mother


Tizzy Shots founder Mia Williams is a scientist, wife and mother of two. Ever on-the-go, Mia recognised a lack of easy-to-consume, healthful products in Hong Kong and set about creating her own wonder shot.

With a stint as a researcher at MIT under her belt, Mia understands the science behind the miracle root that is ginger. Packed with active ingredient gingerol, the all-natural elixirs are big on antioxidants, bioactive ingredients and of course, unbeatable flavor. 

Protecting the nutritional integrity of the ingredients is first and foremost at Tizzy Shots. Whether sipped on the go, mixed into tea or added to a cocktail, Tizzy Shots are a convenient and healthy addition to any lifestyle.